Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Olympic Thoughts

The world seems so big sometimes. Even more these days it seems scary. Maybe nothing has changed in the last 50 years, but with the barking threats of nuclear weapons and our own national struggles of debt and moral digression, there are days where I shudder to imagine the world my children and grandchildren will have to endure. Come soon, Lord Jesus!

Yet, here are brief moments when the world seems small and connected, like we are all cheering for one thing: someone who makes their mark on history because of hard work. What better example of this than the Olympics?

Several days ago we were in Dallas for a wedding. In preparation for the big event I was taken with the bride and her entourage to a local day spa where we received manicures and pedicures.

For the mama of a 4 month old, that was a small piece of bliss!

As the manicurist slipped my hands into plastic bags of hot wax, I kept my eyes glued to the TV as the blue waters of the Olympic pool glimmered like glass on the screen. Michael Phelps warmed up his muscles and adjusted his goggles as he prepared to race for the gold in his third Olympic games.

“Take your mark.”

The swimmers readied their bodies on the platforms and held firm with their muscles twitching in anxious readiness.

The buzzer broke the silence and muscles reacted as if on a spring.

The crowd of the aquatic center in London went wild with cheers. Different countries and supporters yelling encouragement for their favorite swimmer as the trained athletes flew through the water with ease.

The day spa was quiet as almost every eye was glued to the television. The building was full of so many ethnicities. White, Asian, African American, Latino…..we were all holding on to the hope that our favorite competitor would win. As the race heated voices began to murmer and I heard “Phelps” in different languages.

TV commentators were explaining and cheering as Michael Phelps pulsed his body into the wall. Phelps fans in London went wild.

For a moment the day spa was there in London. We were cheering for him too….as one like-minded body of people. It didn’t matter our variety of ethnicity or skin color, we were like one small world united.

I am loving the Olympics, as are probably all of you. But one of my favorite aspects of these games is watching the world come together at one time to compete in sports of skill, strength, beauty, coordination, and years of dedication and hard work. 

Imagine, if that small group of people in a Dallas salon could be so united in cheering for one Olympian, imagine the day when the body of believers are united with Christ! The whole world will seem so small as we worship before the throne of God with one voice. Holy. Holy. Holy. In one voice. Different ethnics, skin colors, languages will finally be one.

Come soon, Lord Jesus!

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bp said...

That is an amazing thing to try to imagine how that will be one day!