Monday, July 23, 2012


I have prayed over this little face. A few nights ago I was reading Gracin his evening Bible story which ended saying how a "Great King" would come to save the world and bring the greatest gift to those who would trust in Him. I stopped. Suddenly God reminded me of something.....tears flowed down my cheeks as I watched this precious face as I rocked back and forth, realizing (because I had forgotten) that salvation isn't guaranteed to our children. As tears dripped down my nose, Gracin held my eyes and sent me the most beautiful smile. I laughed. How sweet the innocent smile of a child.

I prayed over my son, asking God to open his heart so that someday he might accept that great gift presented to us by Jesus.

I have always taken for granted that my children would all accept the Lord as their personal savior. But that isn't the case. Sometimes when I drag in exhaustion from a sleepless night or rock a fussy baby with a hurting tummy I lose sight of my great job as his tell him about Jesus everyday.

Motherhood and marriage are teaching me so many lessons. Some are easy, others take me putting on my big girl undies and remembering this life is to be lived for the glory of the King as we raise our children to know Him.

I am holding these days and these thoughts close and pondering them deep in my heart.

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