About Me

Hello! My name is Sarah Bartlett, and welcome to Chick Chat!

I love blogging and love posting about my little life and love in hot West Texas. Who am I? I am a horrible sinner saved by grace and redeemed through mercy by the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. I am married to my best friend--the one I knew I loved after our first date--the only man I ever dated. Sounds ridiculous? Sounds impossible? I thought so too until I met Kyle. He is a Senior Airman in the Air Force and the gift I don't deserve. He is my hero, my wildest dreams come true, and my daily reminder of why I strive to be a Godly woman.

I am a college graduate from Hardin-Simmons University with a Bachelor of Behavioral Science degree. In more plain speak, I am an English major with a religion minor. 

My dreams? I have always wanted more than anything to be a wife and mom. But God has also opened my heart to the passion of writing and ministry with women and teenage girls. I pray that He can use that and use me as I hope to write Bible studies and books for younger female audiences.

I am a member of South Side Baptist Church in Abilene, Texas. It is truly the most amazing church I have ever attended. God's Word is not skimmed or altered to tickle the ears of the hearer--giving them a feel good sermon. I have never been convicted or challenged as I have under the teaching received here. I have met some of the most amazing women I have ever encountered within these doors, and Lord willing these are friendships that will continue for years to come.

What do I love?
My Jesus 
My husband
Bible time
Canon cameras
Mac computers
Reading blogs
The smell of leather
Peanut butter cookies
Country music
Starbucks coffee
Toddlers in Sunday clothes
A clean house
Good movies
Painting my fingernails
Reading books
Talking about Jesus
Dancing to music
Talks with girlfriends
Working hard
Snuggling with my husband
Cooking in the kitchen
Laughing till I hurt
Hearing my daddy call me "Missy Red"
Being out of college
High heels
Pretty dresses
Writing poetry
Playing piano
Root Beer
Homeade ice cream
Shooting guns

Now you know more than you wanted, I bet. I love comments and I love to meet new friends. I'm glad to have you and I pray you are blessed by what you read here.