Monday, July 9, 2012

right now

kyle is screwing our key rack into the wall by the front door. the baby is upstairs...fed, bathed, changed, and sleeping as he sucks his thumb. around me i see signs that we are living each day to the fullest, and it makes me so happy. the bumbo is on the dining room table, holding the memory of our smiling son as he watched mama and daddy eat their dinner. the dishes are done, and the kitchen smells of bleach. there are raisins on the counter to remind me that i need to make cookies with them tomorrow. before they completely dry out. clean laundry is waiting to go into the nursery first thing in the morning and there are rinsed diapers waiting by the washer for their turn to tumble in soap. i see the little bible on the footstool in front of the rocker as that is where it landed after daddy finished reading the nighttime story to gracin before bed. my last book in the hunger games series is on the coffee table waiting to be absorbed at a spare moment tomorrow. we shall see if i get that spare moment at all. there is a quilt spread on the floor where baby has played, his rattle and giraffe are still there waiting...resting and waiting for him to wake up and play again.

the floors need to be mopped and the rug vacuumed; let's not forget the unpacking and travel laundry, but i am loving the lamplight in the livingroom to remind me that it is evening and i can tackle those chores again tomorrow.

right now i am resting in my heart after a day of deep conversations with my husband, cleaning out the garage, smiling at the jabber of our three-month-old, wiping spit-up off my shirt, sharing the "hair-cutting" with my husband, smelling my baby's neck, and puttering around the house dreaming of things to come.

right now is sweet.

right now is perfect.

right now is about cherishing little bear cub after his bath with a week-old fuzzy picture snapped quickly...

i wouldn't trade right now for anything.

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bp said...

Such a sweet post and great way to cherish all those wonderful moments of your day.