Monday, June 25, 2012

I'm Not Laughing Now

I used to scoff and snicker inside at people who proclaimed the "life's too short to waste it" idea. Those who said you should do what you love because life is too short were somewhat "eccentric" to my view. But now, I get it.

Gracin is smiling. He is making all kinds of fun noises and "talking" to us on a daily basis. He watches things with enthusiasm, eats voraciously, and kicks himself from one side of his crib to the other. When did he start doing "little baby" things instead of helplessly staying in one place as an infant??

Life is short. Too short.

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE and relish each new change that our baby makes, but sometimes it happens much too quickly!

I'm not laughing at those "life's too short" people now.

Kyle and I have been talking about what makes us passionate. For my handsome husband, the country, baseball, and music make him passionate. He researches, reads, and longs for a life that combines all of his loves into one daily existence. For me, photography and writing make me "tick." I love combining descriptive, moving words with a bright, clear, and personal photo. If I had my dream, I would be a photographer with amazing equipment to shoot ethereal photos from around the world to my own backyard.

Sadly, we may never get to live our "passions" to their fullest. But, doggone it, we want to try. The days we are given here on this earth will pass oh so quickly. My moments of washing diapers over the sink and soothing hungry cries will end before I want them to. I am excited for, but also dread, the day when he is satisfied with baby foods instead of milk....because then he won't need mama quite as much as before.

I'm not laughing now.

Life is too short to waste. We only get one "today", and we should live it passionately and full of purpose. For some that means they want to take a long trip. For others, that means they fold the laundry a little more thankfully and clean the kitchen with a song of thanksgiving on their lips. Don't waste away your life. You only get one, and we aren't even guaranteed a tomorrow.

Wasting my life away has been something about which I have been convicted lately. There are things that I allow to happen during the day that truly eat away moments I will never get back. I pray that I can capture the moments God has given me, and live them to their fullest....even the moments of housework, laundry, dishes, and diaper cleaning. Those usual mundane tasks are becoming more precious to me these days because I will never get them back.

I'm paying attention to small details.

They are priceless.

What wastes time in your days? What consumes your time and keeps you from living fully? What could you do in your life to capture each memory more distinctly?



Talkin' Texan said...

Sweet little man! And yes, he won't be little for long. Savor the days.

kay said...

I became a grandma march 2011, I have never had 15 months go by so fast. It is a pleasure to see him walk and speak a few words but he isnt Nana's little baby to cuddle anymore. Enjoy every moment, life goes by quickly.