Thursday, May 10, 2012

Rainy Days in Texas

We have so few rainy days that I cherish the drops that fall from the sky. I praise the Lord for rainy days like today! I would like to welcome you to some of the happenings of our day.....

We watched the water lap over the curb into the yard! What a beautiful sight for our dry land. I may or may not have run out into the water to see how deep it was.

I folded clothes; showered; changed poopy diapers; giggled and had senseless conversations with a 5 week old little man; addressed and stamped letters; made stew, garlic bread, and rice pudding for dinner; and watched Dick Van Dyke reruns on Netflix during naptime.

Some of us napped through the entire rainy afternoon....I'm loving his little cloth-diapered bum :)

While I loved the rain and Gracin was indifferent, someone else was upset that she couldn't play outside.....

What about those super sad eyes?? We have decided she is NOT pregnant..for which we are very thankful. We will have to make up for her lack of exercise this week with extra runs at the park once things dry out.

We hope the rain is here to stay for a few days! Tonight we are snuggling in our cozy house; enjoying warm, healthy, comfort food; smiling over our happy baby boy, Kyle will squeeze in a P90X workout, and I will clean up the supper dishes.

This is a rainy day in Texas for the Bartlett family!

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