Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Our internet has been out for three days. The reason? Our lab puppy decided to chew through the line on the outside of the house. Of course, we didn't discover the reason it was out until we called for a repairman to come.


Our child isn't even old enough to break things--but our puppy is getting us ready for the day he is!


It was hard being out of internet at some points! But what Kyle and I realized during those three days was how much we overused internet. We used it to look up things we wanted, things we were interested in, and it had become a distraction from actual life.

Without internet we cuddled and talked. We watched old movies we haven't touched in a long time. I talked more to my son. We went on a date and celebrated our anniversary. We hosted a lunch at our house for our mothers on Mothers Day. We drove in the neighborhood of where our new home will be (more to come later). We walked the mall. Kyle bought me a new pair of running shoes. I washed a lot of diapers. We.....lived.....

Being without internet was amazing! I found I didn't miss Facebook. I didn't miss Twitter. I really only missed my blog and reading blogs. I loved being PRESENT in my life rather than socially advertising it. It is nice to have internet again to update the blog and take care of bills and emails, but I plan to use it more wisely and sparingly.

It is a shame when internet takes away from how often I kiss my baby during our sweet moments or how many songs I sing to him while he eats. It is intended to be a TOOL....not a place to live a virtual life. Let's face it, I have an awesome life to live LITERALLY.

So I guess instead of thinking of ways to get rid of our puppy, I owe her one for chewing through the cord.

Unless I get a big bill for the repair.

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bp said...

Great post! I know what you mean about how much time it can take up without even realizing it.

Have a good week and God bless you!