Thursday, May 3, 2012


We all have dreams and goals. Don't deny it--I know you do. Some have let their dreams fall by the wayside as "life" happens. "Life" is more of a referral to those unexpected occurrences that take precedence over the dreams you had for where your life would go or what you would do.

Face it. We all have dreams.

I am the daughter of a man who is a dreamer. My father has big ideas and plans. For so long he wasn't able to accomplish many of them because he was neither in a place of authority or in a financial place to bring dreams to fruition. Now, the Lord has placed him in a position of leadership where his dreams are important as he guides major decisions regarding livestock, careers, legislature, and business. While there were days I'm sure he felt like his dreams would never be fulfilled, God used my father's dreams in ways we never expected.

I am married to a dreamer. Kyle has so many dreams and aspirations as to what he would like to do with his career, his life, and his talents. My husband doesn't just dream--he has the talents and stamina to accomplish any of them. Where we watch my father's dreams being accomplished in many ways, my husband is still waiting on God to bring many of his dreams to pass.  

I too am a dreamer.

My dream job when I was a little girl was to be a wife and mama.

Yes, I get to live my dream job everyday.

But I have other dreams too.

I dream of:
...being an amazing photographer.
...running a half marathon.
...having a rose garden... in a two-story home with a huge backyard.
...homeschooling my kids.
...seeing 125 on my scales again.
...writing a book.
...having a (dot)com website.
...knowing how to sew.
...having a speaking ministry to young women
...seeing Europe.
...Yes, I dream.

Sometimes I feel like dreaming is harder than reality. Dreams make you excited about possibilities, they inspire you to look at new avenues, encourage you to push a little harder and dig a little deeper, and they can (with the Lord's aid) make you stronger.

But sometimes "life" happens and our dreams seem to be pushed to the back burner. Sometimes you have a family and saving for that awesome Canon camera is suddenly not as "important" as saving for vehicle repairs. Sometimes you have a baby, and your body needs time to heal and walk the miles before you run them. Sometimes your soil has grubs and you watch your few little rosebushes suffer.  Sometimes you try to share with young women a Biblical glimpse of femininity and womanhood, and they scorn the words because what you say clashes with the worldview.

Sometimes....dreaming is painful.

BUT, I will not be disheartened from dreaming. You see, some dreams are attainable.

...That professional Canon camera might not be mine now, but I can learn to use the one I have to its fullest potential and be "amazing" with what I have. I may not weight 125 like I did when I went to NYC 2 years ago, but I am nearly back to my "pre-baby" weight, and I know that losing 10 more pounds is certainly doable. I can't afford a (dot)com site, but I am finding a voice in a blogspot for now. And though I can't run a marathon right now (heck...I couldn't even WALK it right now) I will keep walking my 2 mile laps until I can jog them and multiply my laps to hit that 13 miles.

Let your dreams spur you on to achieving greatness....don't let them be what drags you down. It's time to set realistic goals and find the inner strength to achieve them.

1. Pray about your goals. Let the Lord make HIS goals yours.
2. Pick an easy goal to reach. PLEASE don't start with the hardest or you will be oh-so-disappointed.
3. Ask for God's help in achieving the goals you have set.
4. Share your dreams with someone you love so they can encourage and hold you accountable.
5. DON'T GIVE UP. As my dad says, "Don't say 'can't'....can't never could."

That being said, I guess I will walk 2 miles tonight. Hopefully in a few weeks I will jog them. Slow, steady steps will make that half marathon possible as well as bring my "slim jeans" weight back.

It is time to read on my camera manual while nursing--that way I learn my camera's hidden features so I can take better pictures.

Does someone want to help me learn html and find a (dot)com site? I'm ready to learn.

If you are a dreamer share them with me! I would love to know what you dream of doing or seeing...sometimes it makes it more exciting to tell them to someone else ;)


A Wife and her Carpenter said...

I love your dreams, as much of them are mine as well. I will pray that God helps you to achieve your dreams...and if you find anyone who teaches html virtually, let me know!!! :)

Talkin' Texan said...

You can have a .com site for just under $11.00 a year. No big deal. And you sure as heck don't have to know HTML to do it. I'm working on a couple of my own right now. (Well, in my "spare time" I'm working on them.) I can hook you up with some people who have helped me too. Email me about your site ideas, maybe we can do something together. :)

Alia said...

this is great, I have some goals I have been struggling with finding the motivation to accomplish, but like you said I need to be praying that God would make them His goals for me! I will be praying for you as well to accomplish those goals!