Tuesday, May 22, 2012

31 Days of Prayer

If you are a wife who wants to bless her husband, you want to do whatever it takes to encourage him to become the best leader, provider, husband, and father he can be. If we are honest, our men have tough jobs. They must submit to the Lord and lead their families spiritually, financially, physically, and also be involved in participating in the church as well. I'm glad I'm not a man! Sometimes my job as a mama is overwhelming, and I am not even leading a family! That being said, how often do we as wives forget to bathe our husbands in prayer? I know I do.

What would happen if we stopped complaining about our husbands, and started praying for them? What if we turned our words into prayers and bowed before God for our men?

 I discovered this challenge recently, and I am taking it.

This is a guide to 31 days of praying for your husband. These are specific prayer requests--everything from his spiritual walk to his work and interaction with people. With each day of prayer are verses to accompany what you are praying for over your husband.

As I go through this, I will post about the journey for both myself, and my husband. He doesn't know I am taking this challenge, but I want to be diligent in bathing him daily. I look forward to seeing what God does in a month of my daily prayers.

If you are joining in the challenge, please comment below and let's get started in praying for our husbands!

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The Hudsons said...

Shortly after my husband and I married, we participated in a challenge similar to this. I had forgotten about it until running across your post. I would love you join you in covering my husband with prayer. Thank you for sharing!