Friday, March 16, 2012

Recovering and Scheduling

I haven’t blogged in a while. Truth is, I haven’t had much to say that I felt was going to encourage anyone. Days have been busy and full of recovery, cleaning, preparing, coughing, and yes, even crying.

See, this preggo mama is getting tired, and is struggling to make it through the last three weeks of pregnancy with positive attitudes. I have fought a flu the past two weeks that has made my body ache with exhaustion. I have not slept at night, coughed until I vomited, blown my nose through two rolls of toilet paper, and sneezed like a hurricane. If you are female and have been pregnant, you might understand the struggles of having a baby on your bladder and coughing uncontrollably. I make MANY trips to the bathroom.  Coughing makes contractions come harder and more consistently—and although I’m not dilated—I know that my body is preparing for him daily. 

But regardless of how sick I have been, how miserable not being able to breathe has made me, how many times I vomit, and how many times I have to sit on the commode and cry, being able to rest has been such a blessing to me. Being home has ensured I have cleaned my kitchen like it hasn’t been cleaned in months.

I have cleaned fans that carried dust bunnies around my ceilings while they squealed “wheeeeeeee!!!”  in a mock against me. I showed them!! With a stepladder and a wet rag I feel better about having those blades spin. Take that, dust bunnies.

I have cleaned blinds with dirt and grime over the sink and in bedrooms. It is humbling and almost a moment of shame to clean window coverings you haven’t cleaned since you married—10 months ago.

Nesting is wonderful….getting ready for our little boy is wonderful. Being sick is making me rest a lot and pray that this mess is gone before Gracin arrives.

In our prayers for our little man we have been praying for his salvation. As his coming comes more quickly I have realized how important my being home with him is as we endeavor to teach him about Jesus. We want our little boy to not just know Jesus, but to know Him in a very deep and personal way. I want our son to see us pray, and learn to do it on his own. I want him to see his mama sing and praise Jesus—and do the same. And for that reason not only do I pray for him, but I pray for myself, that I might be the mama he needs.

As I prepare for our little guy, I am trying to get myself into routines that I can go through daily. I want to have a set schedule that involves morning Bible study, workouts, and a cup of coffee. I think having set househould tasks to do on certain weekdays would help me keep on track and keep things done around the house as well. How do you set your schedules? Do you have any, and if so, how did you set them? 

I'm feeling more organized these days and excited to get more schedule into my days. I'm the type of woman who needs a schedule and a routine. I'm interested to know how the rest of you keep your schedules!!

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