Thursday, March 8, 2012

Dreaming of Glass

I have been down for the past several days with a pretty bad flu--and I'm honestly not completely over it yet. It isn't so fun to be sick when you are hitting your last 3 weeks of pregnancy, but it does force me to rest more than I have been the past 8.5 months for sure. ;)

Having time on my back allows me time to also dream of things I'd like to see done in my house, although nesting might have something to do with these odd desires. Here are some things I'm dreaming about:

Gallon containers to store baking goods in 

Apothecary jars to put in our bathroom

A gallon jar for storing water and tea during the summer months

Glass food storage so I can finally move away from plastic heating

If you are into the "health" community, where do you find some of your glass storage options for decent prices? The ones I have found online seem to be quite expensive, and I am trying to find the absolute best deal on them. Ideas?

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