Friday, February 10, 2012

Incoherent Thoughts, Overwhelmed Life

I was going to do a serious post about my learnings from So Long Insecurity this evening. But, alas, I can't seem to put my thoughts together coherently, and I won't post something important that isn't going to make sense.

Life in our little house has been somewhat chaotic of late. It might not sound like it on the surface, but if you walked through every day with us you might sense why it has been 9 days since I last posted.

Kyle's grandfather is in the hospital and not doing well. We spent this past weekend with him and the family--all waiting in ICU chairs and hoping the doctors would have something better to say. It was a difficult weekend all the way around. I cried a lot over the bed rails as I held a hand wrapped in a fluffy mitten to keep Grandad's prying fingers away from his tubes. I don't like when people I love are hurting--add some preggo hormones--and I cried every time I went in his room. The valves on the right side of his heart are failing and his blood pressure is very inconsistent. After his recent heart surgery to remove his pericardium, recovery has been tumultuous and he cannot leave ICU now. A tandem heart has been administered to him, but there really isn't any consistent improvement. We continue to wait and pray.

This was my husband's last week in Airman Leadership School! YAY! He graduated with honors in the top 10% of his class. I beamed with pride! I also wore heels--which is not always easy these days. I received a few stares as I made a permanent trail to the bathroom, but let me tell you, I made preggo cocktail dressing look easy. At least that's what my husband believes. He told me even if he didn't graduate in the top percentage, he would have still taken home a trophy. *insert blushing* What an accomplishment for my husband to have graduated so honorably! This week has been full of tests, speeches, interviews, etc....and I am grateful that he can now get a little rest.

I just have a few weeks of work left before I come home to prepare for baby. I have been very busy at Cornerstone as I try new teaching ideas and drills to help 3rd graders succeed more efficiently in their spelling and math. Thanks to the school's cleaning out, I have also lugged home some old preschool teaching aids that I can't wait to use in a few short years for Gracin! What a blessing those flashcards and alphabet pictures will be!

I had a wreck this week. Yes, a car wreck. My car was appraised today and hopefully will be getting in the shop soon. I am fine, baby is fine, and the little old man that ran his stop sign is fine--though I am not certain that the oxygen tank the back of his truck was much of a comfort to see when the paramedics were helping him look for his cane. I don't know that he was supposed to be driving, and I am quite sure I totaled his car when I "t-boned" him. I was more shaken and scared than hurt--I hate wrecks with a passion. I praise God the wreck wasn't worse, and that I had time to slam on my brakes before I hit him, otherwise the airbags would have more than likely deployed. That's not something I have ever felt, nor do I want to.

We found out that the Air Force is making some cutbacks in certain job areas--one of which being the field where Kyle works. We are waiting to see if he will make the cut, otherwise, we will have to seek retraining or another area of work before his reenlistment. If he isn't on their "safe list," he will not have a job in two and a half years. We know God has got the future all figured out, and we continue to pray it through!

Kyle and I have been making some personal and familial decisions lately that have made our evenings look a little different, and we are enjoying the spiritual growth we see as a result. We have drastically cut our television watching and increased our reading time. In addition to this, Kyle has signed up for an online college class that will keep him doing homework for a few more weeks. I thoroughly enjoy reading and watching my man read rather than falling asleep to mindless drivel on the TV. Here's to keeping it up. :)

I am very....very.....VERY pregnant right now. Braxton Hicks contractions have gotten stronger, though not necessarily become more regular. I had some of my strongest contractions last night at Kyle's graduation. We are preparing for baby! Kyle set the crib up for me yesterday and has become very proactive in making his room more ready.

I still just want my blinds cleaned.

In an endeavor to clean the bathroom the other day I cleaned the blinds....and missed cleaning the toilet. Don't ask me how that happened......

There is laundry to be done, ironing waiting on me, floors that need to be mopped, a husband that needs some attention, thoughts I want to blog, dinner that needs to be made, and one tired pregnant lady trying to keep up with God and the changes He brings daily.

Forgive the lapse in blogging, I can't remember sometimes if I'm coming or going.

Must be pregnancy.

And that, is our week. I will post seriously tomorrow, so be ready.

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