Saturday, January 21, 2012

Small Changes for Bigger Ones

Our sweet little house has undergone so many changes in the last 8 months of marriage. Slowly, it has morphed and become more of a home.

When we first got married, our second bedroom was our office/guest room/crafting room/extra storage. Now it is slowly becoming the nursery for our son. Is the room finished? HA! Hardly.....but in the chaos I am starting to see baby preparations.

Before: an office and guest room....and now....a changing table and stroller.

The music room was our "random" room. It was filled with guitars, a piano, bookshelves, and extra space. However, now it is our living room. We have more space and a cozier environment to visit with family and friends.

Our bedroom.....this was the "last" thing Kyle and I prioritized to decorate. Honestly, we were putting the other rooms of the house first in beautifying because we thought those were what mattered most. But we finally decided that before our nursery matched perfectly, our room should match. While some might disagree or think it selfish, for us it was the moment we decided our marriage and the room where our romancing occurred should be important and a priority in our decor.

We love it, and it was truly a wise move for us to get good furniture in our room and move the pieces into the nursery that Gracin could utilize as he grows.

Our once living room that shared a floor with the kitchen we turned into a dining room, and our kitchen floor is now an open space our son will have to crawl over and drool uncontrollably. I love the more open plan, though my husband misses the cozy combination of rooms....

Our little home is slowly undergoing small changes as we prepare for the biggest change of all. In 10....did you read that....

weeks our son will be living here with us. I'm nesting. I admit it, I'm in the "are the blinds clean, the oven sparkling, the floors bacteria free, and the windows clean" stage of pregnancy. While it is still quite early for this, in the event that our little man comes early I want to be ready. Is this a sign he will come early????

What do you think of our little home's changes? I use Pinterest and your ideas a great tools for decorating and spurring my own creativity in attempts to make our house as "homey" as possible. :)

Thanks for touring the Bartlett home! I will reveal the nursery soon....{insert sly and secretive wink here}

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