Saturday, September 17, 2011

I Feel the Fizz

Water makes me nauseous. Surprise surprise. Orange juice gives me heartburn, *always has* and milk makes me throw up faster than anything in the morning. I have drunk a lot of lemonade lately to compensate for my liquid intake.

I have LOVED carbonated drinks for the moments of nausea and slight headaches, since they seem to both help and calm my upset stomach. I have not really liked drinking cokes for a few reasons:
1. sugar. I really don't need a ton of extra sugar in my diet.....not to mention the dye and dreaded High Fructose Corn Syrup.
2. calories. Yes, I need calories for a growing baby. But I'm not eating for two and I really don't need the extra sugar calories (200 extra is not really necessary) gathering around my waist.
3. Aspartame. You might ask, "why not drink diet?" Welllll...I don't want to be taking in a chemical while I'm pregnant. Aspartame is bad for you at any time, but especially being pregnant has turned me even more against the word "diet" in drinks.

So what's a gal to do?

I praise the Lord for precious, wise friends like S.G. This precious lady shared with me her recipe for a carbonated, more healthy drink. I hope you love it as much as I am right now!

Take any kind of fruit juice and mix it half and half with club soda. I did 4 oz. of peach juice and 4 oz. of club soda to make about 70 calories of sweet carbonation. Other juices that I bought are cranberry and grape, while S.G. recommended pineapple as well. Pour over ice and sip, relishing the taste.

Please. Do me a favor. Buy the real juice from concentrate, and not the sugar laden cocktail.

Thank you.

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that boy mitch, big O, and me! said...

at a shower this weekend, the punch was half tea (which you could do green or decaf), half lemonade (which you could make homemade) and ginger ale. IT WAS SO GOOD!