Thursday, September 15, 2011

Dear Baby

Dear Baby,

Today...your mama and daddy saw you. You stole our hearts with the way you waved at us and jumped while the doctor tried to measure you. I loved the way you completely astounded your daddy....he didn't think you would be that big or visible! As he said, "It's not just two lines on a pee stick anymore." When he saw you his mouth fell open and his eyes grew wide. I guess I reacted similarly-except I talked to you! I'm sure the doctor thought I was crazy, but I said, "Hi, baby!" when I saw your little body pop on the screen.

We saw your heart beat...we saw your little brain...and we saw your little fists. You are the size of a lime right now, and you still make your mama sick in the mornings. You have made my pants tight and my shirts MUCH too tight. Today was the first day where your daddy exclaimed because he finally saw the "pooch" that is you. You are much loved by everyone, because I don't know how many times someone comes up and touches my stomach to say hello.

I fell even more in love with you today than I ever thought possible. Your daddy glowed and said, "that's our baby"............and you are certainly OURS! We can't wait to swaddle you, love you, hold you, teach you, and pray God's wisdom over the decisions we make on your behalf.

I didn't know I could love something so small SO much. But I do.

Your mama and daddy are enamored by you already. Grow quickly, darling.


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Krissy said...

Wow... Seeing pictures like that never fails to give me "glory bumps" ;) I love it. Seriously, that is so precious. LIFE is precious. So happy for you guys.