Monday, September 5, 2011

Be Careful What You Pray For

I'm learning all kinds of spiritual lessons lately. It's amazing what you learn when you are flat on your back or throwing up. I have been informed that I am vitamin deficient in the B6 area if I am throwing up. Hopefully I can get my hands on some vitamins soon, and hopefully it will help me stop the morning "up-chucks."

not to be confused with "nun-chucks."

though just as dangerous.

what WAS I talking about?

Oh yes. What God is teaching me.

blame the baby brain.

As I have been heave-hoing my guts the past few weeks, I have sought to praise the Lord in the nausea, exhaustion, and difficulty to make my clothes fit correctly. Let's face it....nothing buttons right anymore. Shirts, pants, bras....nothing fits. It's so very frustrating to have literally two outfits that actually looks acceptable, but I am seeking to praise the Lord.

But I must's getting old.

Then. it. dawned. on. me.

When we first discovered we were pregnant, I prayed for God to remind me everyday that my baby was healthy and growing. I recall the words, "Lord, please remind me every day--even if I have to throw up every day."


and who says God doesn't answer prayer????

And then there's this insane hunger for His Word I've had lately. Maybe it's because of what I've been learning in my study of Romans lately. But truth is, I've just realized I'm not the woman I want to be, and to be that woman I need to spend time in His Word.

Something else that has really pressed into my heart lately is the realization that I desire to be a more generous woman. A woman that gives of herself to bless someone else. The problem I have faced with this is the danger of that spirit being abused. I have given so much of myself that I have been spread so thin and felt as if my gifts were taken advantage of. When I feel used and abused, I pull into a shell and remove myself from the "be a blessing" motto. But God has been teaching me lately that I can give and be a blessing while still managing other important things like family and time with my husband and with God. Ministry to others must must MUST be balanced with the duties and responsibilities God has given me, or it is not a ministry where He is glorified.

yes, I'm learning a lot.

which means God is at work.

which means I'm becoming a better woman.

and if you learn only one thing from this, learn this:

be careful what you pray for....

you just might get it.

which might mean being super sick every day.

learn from me.

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