Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Best Hamburgers....Ever

My husband gave this recipe 5 stars.....and most of this was non-verbal communication through his loud moaning when he took a bite. I call that SUCCESS, women!

What made this burger awesome?

I don't have pictures to show you because I was more focused on getting dinner made for my man rather than photographing every step. But I'll give you the ingredients I used and how I assembled this "best burger ever." warning. I don't measure when making things like this.

1. take 1.5 lbs of thawed hamburger meat.

2. Add eh....about 4 TBS Worcestershire sauce. Till it looks right.

3. Throw in some salt....just enough to fit in the palm of your hand.

4. Toss in some pepper.

5. Go to your pantry, look at your spices, and pretend you know what you're doing.

6. Grab the onion powder, comino (cumin), and season salt and add them to your meat mixture--don't scrimp on the seasonings, but don't stump your toe and OD on the comino.

7. Dice up some canned mushrooms and dump them into the meat.

8. Look at your nails and say goodbye to the clean fingers.

9. If you are super particular, remove your wedding band. *I didn't....but you might*

10. Stick your fingers into the meat and mush mush mush it together. Knead that meat like it's bread until the mushrooms stick in the meat and the smell fills your kitchen.

11. Roll the meat into balls and press them together until they are tight. Then pat them out into patties--making sure they are tightly "smooshed" together so they don't fall apart during cooking.

12. Warsh off those fingers...that's the Okie way to say "wash".....according to my Mamaw. 

13. Cook those babies in whatever fashion you choose. We don't have a grill, so I used a skillet and cooked them until they were pink in the middle.

14. Throw on a piece of cheese a couple minutes before you take them out of the skillet/grill. I had some smoked Gouda that I let melt over the top.

15. I toasted a wheat hamburger bun and melted a little butter on each side before layering some cut turkey bacon on it.

16. Throw on some sliced avocado, lettuce, tomato *although my hubby didn't want the latter two* and condiments of your choice.

17. Serve it up with some salsa and chips.


ground meat
Worcestershire sauce
onion powder
season salt


Now, in fair discretion, I ate a small patty with no cheese because I wasn't feeling a huge dinner....which is normal for these days. The meat was AMAZING and I could taste the comino faintly. But Kyle let me have a bite of his full burger, and it was the best combination I have ever tasted.

Hubby informed me it would be a $10 burger at Chilis and he bragged on it a few times. We call this a win-win.

I will take pictures of the next awesome meal I make and let you in on the pictorial results. I hope you give this a try!

If you wanna earn some "muchas smoochas" from your hubby, it will be worth a try.

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