Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Things Kids Say

1. But I like smelling the dry erase marker!
2. Is your baby kicking? I kicked my dad in the ear when I was in my mom's tummy.
3. I forgot to do my homework.
4. My brother knows kung-fu.
5. Mrs. Bartlett gave me more work! *then follow with rolling of eyes*
6. Can I go to the bathroom? I forgot to go this morning.
7. Do I HAVE to write this in cursive?
8. Can you repeat that word? You're going too fast!
9. She is attacking me!!
10. HE'S HERE HE'S HERE! *when the first grade "hottie" comes on the playground*
11. I have to go to the bathroom REALLY bad!
12. I'm done with my work.
13. I don't have homework. I'm two days ahead!
14. This chocolate milk tastes weird.
15. This strawberry milk tastes gross.
16. I can't drink orange juice.
17. 14-1 is........15? No wait! 12.
18. Mrs. Bartlett? I can hear someone puking in the bathroom. (the bathroom door is right behind my desk)
19. The other teacher didn't tell us to do that!

:) These are the little things that make me smile from my desk as I watch little heads bend over pages of math, spelling, reading, penmanship, and tests no one wants to take. I find that every hour is packed with new challenges, hilarious quips, moments of frustration and blessings of reward. I am learning to love each little 2nd and 3rd grader because of their own individual personalities. I come home with a broken heart over the children from difficult family situations, frustration over missing homework papers, excitement at their interaction during Bible time, laughter at their playground antics, and the smile of knowing I get to start all over in the morning with each one.

Oh yeah. There IS morning sickness.

I don't think my class agrees that it's fair for Mrs. Bartlett to be the only one allowed snacks in the classroom--but graham crackers are the only thing that keep me from running to the bathroom at odd times to vomit. No, baby isn't kicking yet....but I have assured the kids that they get to watch me get a fat tummy, which earned me many smiles and careful eyes on my midsection.

I'm learning to praise the Lord for each little face that bids me good morning, no matter how difficult it may be 2 short hours. I'm learning that I take all my learning for granted--because I can't remember how to explain phonics rules. "Because that's the way it is" isn't a sufficient answer when 3rd graders ask me math questions, so I'm humbly going back to my roots.

Things kids say make my job so interesting, laughable, and precious as I work my way through week two as a teacher's aid.

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