Thursday, August 18, 2011

Of Graham Crackers and Chauffeuring

It's been way too long since I last posted. In my defense it has been a very busy two weeks!

1. I have been pregnant for a little over 7 weeks I am assuming, as I have yet to see a doctor. Don't get upset with me about that...most doctors don't want to see me until I hit my second trimester, not to mention the twisted maze of military medical paperwork I have had to undertake in order to even get a referral for a doctor. I have called, attended hours of class to "prepare" me for parenthood, and signed my "sponsor information" more times than I care to count.

2. Ahhhh.....morning sickness, afternoon sickness, evening sickness....I have a variation of them all. I am LOVING light foods right now *mainly Graham crackers, applesauce, and eggs* and I have my bouts of all the preggers frustrations like constipation, tighter clothing *in certain areas*, hormonal swings, and extreme exhaustion. I am trying to watch what I eat and not overdo or eat unhealthily--however I still have 3 pounds I cannot shake. For the girl who has had a phobia about her weight, the time is coming where I have to maintain portion sizes and just forget the scales. Stationary biking and walking are my two favorite exercises, along with laying on my yoga ball to stretch out my aching lower back. I'm curious...with all these odd symptoms I think I might be farther along than I assume. *ideas??*

3. I HAVE A JOB!! I am SO blessed with the opportunity that has arisen for me to work as a teacher's aid in a local Christian school. I interviewed on Monday, they gave me the job on Tuesday, and asked me to come in for duty Tuesday morning. Anxious much? I have been extremely overwhelmed, but I know the Lord has given me this job and He knows I can do it. The work allows me to work from 7:45 AM - 12:00 PM and then be home in the afternoons. I am beyond excited to jump in and interact with these little 2nd and 3rd graders as well as put some money in the bank to save for emergencies.

4. Speaking of emergencies--the Bartletts have hit the official "after-marriage-emergencies"....aka, we have doled out a lot of money this past week for car repairs only to return the car because it was done poorly. While Kyle's car was in the shop we drove a rental car paid for by the insurance. However, we discovered today that the insurance only covered through the first of August, which we did not know, and unless they are gracious we will be responsible for 16 days of car rental. That's $480 we didn't expect to pay. *gulp* So we have a car still in the shop, no rental car, and an astronomical bill to pay. With the extreme heat we have had our electric bill has been extraordinarily high and when I paid $190 for this month we gulped even harder. Praise GOD we don't have debt right now!!

Sharing one car has proved to be interesting and exhausting. It looks insane considering Kyle and I both have very demanding schedules these days, and worship practice going until 10 pm means that I went to pick him up in my jammies last night. What I love about our "chauffeuring" is the moments we get to spend talking while we drive all over town together.

5. We had two days of rain this past week!! It was so beautiful that the church people cried on Sunday morning and Kyle and I drove to Dallas loving the sound of rain and the sigh of windshield wipers--it has been way too long.

6. I am reminded almost daily how much I love being married to Kyle Douglas Bartlett. Our lives have been so different and chaotic after finding that we are going to be parents before our one year anniversary, but there are moments when the sickness fades and I find myself in my husband's arms just relishing being his wife. We are crazy right now, but we are beyond blessed.

My newly-engaged friend Emily and her fiance sent us this as a "congratulations" for our pregnancy announcement.....and I hope it makes you smile as your day continues. I won't make every post for the next 7 months about pregnancy, but I wanted to share this quick update with you as I go to make my husband some food while trying to keep from being sick.....

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