Friday, August 5, 2011

Baby, Baby, Baby OHHHHHH!!!

This post might shock you. I say this because I myself was shocked when I heard it. 
No, don't judge this by the title of this post; I am not referring to a Justin Bieber song. 
Kyle and I have been considering the possibility of his getting out of active duty Air Force and going to the Reserves or Air National Guard while going to college full time. After all, we are debt free and don't have kids so what's to stop us? We have sought God's will and our prayer has been that as we press forward, He would shut the doors and make His will known.
He shut the door--with a resounding thud.
Sunday morning I readied for church and drank my juiced fruits and vegetables for breakfast as I hurried to pick an outfit. Nothing looked right. I finally threw on clothing and drove to church feeling a little queasy. 
The longer I was at church the worse I felt and before Sunday school was over I told Kyle I was going home and I drove myself back to the couch. I collapsed all day and every time I moved too quickly I felt sick at my stomach and dizzy. "Stupid stomach bug," I thought. 
Sunday afternoon after He got home Kyle told me to go "pee on a stick." That's his solution for every time I have felt sick since we got married. 
"I'm not pregnant, Kyle!" I argued. I mean, really, we were doing everything to prevent it so of course I wasn't pregnant. 

"Sarah. go. pee. on. a. stick."


I went to the bathroom and only managed a few drops--which I was certain missed the tester. 
I left the test on the counter and huffed out--husbands don't know anything about minor stomach bugs, so of course he was wrong and I wasn't pregnant. 
I spent the evening laying down and feeling moments of relief followed by more icky dizzy spells and nausea churns. 
I decided to clean up the house and was taking some things in the bathroom when I saw the test lying on the counter--with two bars. 

I stopped. My heart stopped. Panic rose. My throat swelled.  I grabbed the test, looked twice, and said "Oh, God. What are You doing??"
Trembling footsteps took me to the kitchen where Kyle was happily juicing fruit and listening to the Cosby show play on the TV. 
"Kyle??'s wrong. It sat too long and it misread." 
Kyle looked at the tester, then at me. 
He followed my rushing form back to the bathroom where I grabbed the last pregnancy test we had in the house and proceeded to test again. Kyle had the most strange look on his face as he turned and went back to the kitchen. 

3 minutes are torture.
I panicked.  
Kyle held me while my knees went weak and he made me sit down. Tears were pooled in his eyes and he said, "Baby, why are you crying?? It's gonna be ok." 
We sat while I finally gathered my emotions and my shaking hands. 
"Kyle, what are we going to do?"
"Well, we are going to grow up."
Silence as we sat. 
I looked at the clock.
"I'm going to go get some more tests."
Walgreens to the rescue. 

The woman in front of me in line had mascara, face wash, nail polish--I noticed she had no pregnancy tests in her basket. She looked at my purchase and said, "You wanna go in front of me?" I guess the glazed eyes frightened her and she wanted the crazed woman to go through first. I convinced her to just buy her stuff and leave me alone. 
When it was my turn the cashier looked at me and my purchase as she asked, "How are you tonight, ma'am?"
I wanted to choke and laugh and cry. "I think I'm ok."
She just smiled and charged me the $15 for the best brand of testers they had. Needless to say, I have 4 tests to prove that I am preggers.
Yes, it's true. The newlyweds are going to have a baby. I think I'm about 5 weeks along, but we are trying to get a doctor so I can know for sure. 
My precious husband has gone from disbelief, to sheer fright, to a smile and a gentle touch to my stomach as he tells me I am the most beautiful woman he has ever seen. He tells me he is thrilled I am carrying our first child, and occasionally he breaks into the song "You're havin' my baby" when he kisses me. 
I know for sure I am pregnant. I have headaches, dizziness, nausea, distaste for food, cravings for fruit, extreme exhaustion, and a desire to die on occasion. But more than anything I am in love with this little one growing inside me. I am in love with this little "parasite" that is making me sick because what a blessing he/she will be to my husband and I. 
As if God knew I was going to be worrying about how we would make ends meet, Kyle passed his promotion test, and we were informed only a few days after our baby discovery that he will be putting on Staff Sargent sometime within a few months. We will get our pay raise and we are amazed at how God is providing for us. Although, my hubby says that when he received the news of his promotion all he could think about was our baby.
We are overwhelmed by the goodness of the Lord, and praying for a healthy baby over the next few months.
Growing in faith,


Jennifer said...

Awww, congratulations!! And your hubby is right: It WILL be all right!! In fact, it will be more than all right. It will be wonderful!! The most exhilarating and exhausting thing you'll ever do! Very, very excited for you (even though I only know you from reading your blog - how bizarre is that?!) and all that God has in store for you as you transition from a couple to a family! :)

Learning to Simply Live said...

Oh my goodness! Congratulations!!! Looks like God has some plans for you guys :) Blessings to you, your husband, and your new little one on the way!

Becky Dietz said...

How perfect. God's ways are past finding out, huh? Congrats!

The Kopers said...

Sarah, I'm a little behind so I'm just now reading this post, but I am so excited for you. I was 21 years and one day old when I married Steve and 4 short months later, 2 lines! We didn't have two nickles to rub together and we were practically children but oh, how God provided for us! I wouldn't change His timing for anything and I look forward to watching as you and Kyle start this amazing journey and seeing His hand in all of it! So happy for you!

Jenny said...

Hey Sarah, congrats!! :) A new life is AMAZING.
Take care~
Jenny (McCloy) Finley - as of 2 months ago today

Hope said...

Congratulations! So excited and happy for you!