Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A Day in the Life

My day was perfection. Why?

I had 3 hours in the Word today. I spent 4 hours with a precious friend before she goes to the hospital tomorrow morning with her husband to have her labor induced. I polished my resume...again. I sent my resume and a cover letter to a job that I really really really would love to have. I made breakfast and lunch for hubby's work tomorrow.

We ate dinner with full silverware, wine glasses brimming with cold lemonade *because that's what people who don't know how to drink alcohol do it*, and baked potatoes steaming and cold salad brimming on the plates. Jazz music lilting softly from the iHome and a little dance around the kitchen in my husband's arms just makes a cheap date even more precious on a day like this.

After the dishes are clean, we are showered, enjoying a little Cosby Show on Netflix, and looking forward to bedtime it gives me more time to realize just how wonderful this day has been.

Was YOUR day this good??

God has given me a couple wonderful days and it makes me wonder....what does He have in store for tomorrow?


Learning to Simply Live said...

Aww you guys are so cute! :) I am thinking that my husband and I are overdue for a romantic night in...thanks for the inspiration!

Tony said...

I lol'd at "don't know how to drink alcohol." :)