Sunday, July 3, 2011

Nieces and Nephews

I love my niece and nephews. I love the fun we have together and the crazy things they say. I love having them closer for the holiday.....and the laughter they bring.

Time: Bath time
Place: bathroom
Alyssa: "Can I go to the bathroom before I take a bath?"
Me: "Yes! Go."
Alyssa starts hopping to the bathroom buck naked.

All I hear is a toot for each time she hops.

She peeked over her shoulder to see if I was watching. I managed to hide my smile and the frantic laughter I felt in my gut.

And then there's Gabriel and his rolls. He is determined to be a gymnast and he likes to roll head over first everywhere he goes--even to the stair head before walking down. Upon coming to the house, he proceeded to introduce Kyle and I to his favorite thing:

Gabriel: "Want to thee my abths?" (want to see my abs?)
Kyle: "Sure!"
Gabriel: "THEE???" (see) He sucks in his gut to reveal small ribs and stomach. "Do I have eight of them?"
Kyle: "ummm, no, they don't come in eight...."
Six year old Gabriel is saddened he only has the potential for six abs.....and looks so frustrated. His brothers assure him they come in 6, 12, and 18......apparently you can have them in groups of six.
Kyle: "I have the whole keg."


guy talk.

We took them to the pool with Grammy and Pappy on their first day here and they loved it. After being completely terrified of the board, Gabriel jumped off with promise that "Uncle Kyle" would catch him. His little arm floaties made the adventure so much fun for him and he spent the remainder of the hour jumping off the board repeatedly. He couldn't convince his little sister to do it too, but he competed against his brothers for the farthest jump.

Gabriel rolling off the diving board

Alyssa trying to convince Uncle Kyle that she could be a fish with feet floaties


Josiah going for a splash

Stephen......doing I have no idea what.....
I am enjoying these little guys for a couple days before we head back to regular life tomorrow evening. This begins my last week of college...forever. Say a prayer for me if you think of me because I am going into a week of business and needed good grades.

I will post tomorrow!


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