Monday, June 27, 2011

Are You a 24/7 Christian?

The church is full. Pews are packed with people gazing at the preacher who is trying to meet his schedule and finish the sermon so his congregation can get out for lunch. They've come to worship, pray, learn, and love on each other because it's Sunday. They are Christians today....and as soon as they exit the doors they have six days off.

How often is this true? How often do we go to church, listen in Sunday school, visit with people we see once a week, raise our hands in the song service, check our watches as we take notes during the sermon, and then walk out to watch our Bibles collect dust through the week?

Do you seek Him during the week as passionately as you seek Him on Sunday? Is worship something that occurs as intimately in your livingroom floor as it does on the carpet of the church? Is your sofa just as much an altar as the steps of the church stage? Do you dig into your Bible just as hard as your pastor [hopefully] did before he preached? God created leaders for the church, but He didn't do it to eliminate your responsibility or ability to learn on your own.

Responsibility as Christians [ "little Christ" ] means we are examples and followers of him every day of the week. Our jobs as followers don't end Monday morning--at least they shouldn't.

Christianity is still the #1 religion in the world. Islam is a close second. Muslims are devout--proving this by praying five times every day. What would happen if we did that?

Think of the missionaries serving overseas for the Lord. They are Christians 24/7 and they worship with their lives. Life and death situations occur and they choose to follow Christ regardless of the day and regardless of the cost. It's not radical--it's how it's supposed to be.

Are you a 24/7 Christian?

It should never take a day off. 


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