Tuesday, July 5, 2011


36 A.D.
The hill of Calvary ran red with the blood of God's Son. His knees shook with pain as He raised his body for air. He was thirsty and they gave Him vinegar to drink from a sponge. He looked out over a people that despised and rallied for His death. His blood filled eyes vaguely caught the forms of the "religious leaders" as they stood with arms crossed to approve his death. He was dying for independence--my independence. He was dying so I didn't have to. He was dying to make me spiritually free.

July 4, 1776.
The document lay before them--signed by men who would see their lands seized, their homes destroyed, their families separated, and their lives stolen because of the decision they made. Two days prior they had agreed upon and signed their declaration of independence from the crown of England and they celebrated on the 4th--praying for the decision to be taken smoothly. One of the most bloody wars would ensue from this decision of freedom. They fought this battle and shed their blood so future generations would be free from unfair tyranny. They were dying to make me politically free. They were dying so I wouldn't have to. They were dying so I could keep my religious freedoms granted to me in 36 A.D.

I'm married to a United States Air Force man who works everyday as a spoke in the wheel that turns to keep us free. I'm grateful this independence holiday for the blood shed on my behalf so I could be both spiritually and physically free. May we be good stewards of it and be willing to do the same for our posterity.

We had a wonderful day yesterday. Kyle went horseback riding with my dad and the little kiddos. They were out for several hours before they came in, ate tomato soup, steak and cheese sandwiches, warm cobbler, and ice cream. After lunch they went out to shoot turtles from the dirt tank while I finished editing pictures that I had taken of the little ones for my mom. We came home in time for me to go to run errands and get groceries for the guests that are staying with us for a couple days.

I am a blessed woman....and I am grateful to my Lord for His blessings.


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