Monday, July 11, 2011

Happenings in Life

Happenings in life right now?
1. NO MORE SCHOOL! That's right, for the first time in 15 years I don't have any school to do or plan. In other words, I am a college graduate! *barring something bizarre happens and they fail me last minute--which I doubt* The realization is just now hitting me. I have been in school or been dreaming about school since I started at my mama's kitchen table.

2. I am loving the things my husband says that he doesn't mean. It is a new occurrence whereby he makes a statement and then pauses, thinks for a moment, and says, "I didn't mean that like it sounded." I know he doesn't...and that's what makes it funny. Usually I will make an extremely hurt us something to laugh about. When he makes a statement, sometimes he also asks, "was that one of those things that didn't come out right?" ....... I am trying to decide if he says them out of some strange subconscious awareness, or out of plain "man-ness." I'm going with man-ness.

3. I am looking for a job. That's's time to put these past three years and thousands of dollars in education and books to good use. I am praying that God bring the perfect job for me and for our needs. As we look ahead and see upcoming changes, deployments, I know He will place me where he wants me.

4. I am preparing to teach Women's Bible study this fall. This is a big task that I am both very excited about and also quite nervous. We are covering the first four chapters of Romans and as God teaches me from the passages I am praying I can let that teaching change me and in turn encourage women around me. It means a lot of study, preparation, prayer, and practice--all of which I am excited to undertake!

5. I haven't lost my weight yet. Yes, I've had some hiccups, but also some medication issues that caused me to gain a little weight and that made losing weight very difficult. Not to worry, I am completely fine and off of the medication now, so hopefully the P90X Kenpo workout I did this morning will have a better effect now. I haven't felt like myself due to side-effects, but am beginning to feel like myself again and ready to hit the workouts harder. But just as a side note, don't drink your protein shake before a workout--you will be sick during all the kicking and shouting. And if you feel the need to shout while you are working out, don't be surprised if the chihuahua lays on the couch staring at you.

6. Speaking of Mr. Chihuahua.....ok. He's growing on me. This is the first time I have admitted it to anyone but Kyle. But the dog hasn't messed in my floor lately, he hasn't bitten anyone in a while, and we are adjusting. He has decided I am his favorite person--to the point he comes in the bathroom and puts his paws on my knees while I am sitting on the porcelain. He wants to lay with me when Kyle is home and yesterday during our Sunday naps we awoke to see he had left Kyle's side to get under the blanket with me. Sometimes he annoys me like CRAZY, but on most days I love this little dog. For the girl who hates chihuahuas with a passion, we are doing alright. *Sigh* I almost hate admitting it. Every time I admit to liking him something happens and he usually messes in the floor--ending the liking. So really I'm taking a chance admitting my "agreement" with him. Wish me luck.

7. I still have thank-you letters to finish. If you haven't received yours yet, don't be alarmed. I'm just slow about getting the last 50 out. I am setting out to get them finished this week, so don't shoot me yet!

8. We are still surviving the heat and trying to survive the bills as a result. $163 electric bill kills me--and considering I forgot and left the water in the yard on all night we will be paying for that through the nose. *gulp* Funds are tight, but we are out of debt and living on love and faith. ;)

9. I am learning what it means to worship--and worship happens in private. Something I learned from a Beth Moore video I was watching on YouTube is that our outward and public worship should never be more passionate than private worship. Time with God should be just as, if not more, intimate in private than it is in the church pew. If the public is more "intimate" than the private then it is likely more for show than genuine praise. The private intimacy will lead to public demonstration--it's just like marriage. If I am intimate and passionate with my relationship with Kyle in private, then it shows when people look at us. I cannot put on a show of love for him in public without genuinely doing it behind the scenes. It's the same with worship.

10. I am LOVING my husband every day. I cherish moments with him, laughter with him, and his friendship....I am a blessed woman.

Loving the life I live,

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