Sunday, July 24, 2011

Generation Gorgeous

Modesty. Integrity. Beauty. Wisdom. Grace. Gentility. Cost-conscious. Thrifty. Caring. Compassionate. Guardian of the tongue.....who do picture when you hear these terms? 

Do you think American teenage girl? 

NO???? WHY NOT??


Because that usually does not describe the average American teenage female. 

Recently I have become fascinated with makeup tutorials on YouTube. *don't judge* Since I married my handsome husband, I have desired to dazzle him every day with my beauty--both outward and inward. Now, understand, Kyle never complains about my outward appearance, and he tells me that he loves my inward beauty the most. But if you are married you will know what it means to you to be the one that captures your husband's eye; it will bring you more pride than any other thing if he wants to "show you off" when you go places together. 

I want to dazzle my husband!!! 

There. I said it. I'm not ashamed of it. 

I want to look fashionable, be of healthy mind and body, save a lot of money, and make a statement with what I look like on the outside. People will draw an opinion by what they see on the outside, whether we like it or not. 

It's so easy to fall into the trap that Cosmo, Vanity, Seventeen, Self, and Vogue present to us. They tell us that we must be thin, look good in a bikini, have expensive outfits, be seductive in the bedroom, drive an amazing car, have a tan, and take tests to prove our friendships and relationships. 

That's the message American teenage girls are receiving. Honestly, with that message can you blame them for "booty shorts", mini skirts, and an attitude that makes them self-centered? As inappropriate as this term is, I have heard young teenage girls called "prosti-tots" for how they dress. Do they know this?? Do they realize that their outfit might be appropriate for a 21 year-old model for Seventeen, but is certainly not appropriate for a young woman--especially one wanting to call herself a Christian. 

What would it take for our teenage females to look at fashion, beauty, makeup, and most importantly...themselves...from a point of view that seeks to live with a beauty so internally pampered that it turns external? Makeup, "dress to impress", looking beautiful, taking care of our skin, body scrubs....none of this is wrong! In fact, if we don't seek to present a fitting outward appearance most people will not want what we have inside. But when these things become our existence and the drain which eats literally hundreds and thousands of dollars, then we have a wrong perspective and "beauty" has become "vanity." 

I'm seeking to reach teenage girls with practical beauty and modesty tips--while at the same time teaching them that a true woman of God is more beautiful inside than out. It's time to make terms like "grace", "compassion", "hospitality", "genteel", and "keepers of the tongue" common to girls again. Let's make "Generation Gorgeous" come alive with fun fashion and beauty mixed with being a Christian woman. 

Would anyone be interested in helping me co-write and publish a website for teenage girls that is their alternative to Seventeen? I am looking for women with a passion for teenage girls, a desire to encourage beauty, and who loves to write. 

Please consider doing this, and feel free to contact me via email:

Praising Him!


Learning to Simply Live said...

Check your email :)

Atlanta said...

Hey Sarah! first of all, Congrats on the little one on the way!!! That is so exciting!

Also - yes I would be interested in helping out with the website you mentioned. I think that is a tremendous idea! :)

love - Atlanta