Friday, June 3, 2011

What I See

Life is about perspective. If you choose to see the negative then your focus will give you every negative aspect of life. You will see the late start, the rude driver, the dirty floors, the mistakes of friends, and your day will be ruined by the negative view.

But should you dare to look for positive, you might find instead the gratitude of a few minutes of extra rest, the driver who's just gotten the boot at work, the beauty of caring for your home, the value of relationships, and your mood could be changed for the day.

You choose your mood every day. That's something I've been having to practice in marriage. I can often navigate the direction of my marriage by the attitude I take on when I roll out of bed. If I choose to be negative and grumpy, then that's the direction my conversations with my husband can go. My mood can set the mood of our home.....and I get to choose.

What I see today is the blessing....I see a beautiful home that is mine to care for and maintain. I see a Godly man who is leading and providing for me and who lets me serve him in taking care of him and his needs. I see a dog who tries my patience but needs correction and love like a child. I see my lack of time to get everything I want done--but the perfect time to do what HE wants done. It's all about perspective.

I see....

His passion for music on the porch in our shorts and bare feet

His handsome face that looks at me with love

Skilled hands making music

And I see him praise joyfully in the evening. 

God, grant me Your perspective........that what I see is what You see.



Learning to Simply Live said...

Hi! I am new to your blog, but had to comment. :) I LOVE this post. Amen! God definitely has a much better perspective than we do :)


God's Gal Sarah said...

Welcome, Liz!!
He certainly does...and I'm hoping to keep seeking His over mine :)