Monday, May 23, 2011

The Honeymooners

The honeymooners are HOME!!! My husband and I pulled in to our sweet little home yesterday afternoon after many hours of driving during a week's time. It was an enjoyable time to enjoy my husband one-on-one with no distractions. We drove from the church to Fort Worth where Kyle had booked us a fabulous hotel with a city view. That was a TREAT! The next morning we drove to Shreveport, Louisiana to see Kyle's grandmother who has terminal brain cancer and could not come to the wedding. We enjoyed getting to see her and show her the wedding video on our computer. On Monday, we drove from Shreveport to San Antonio, Texas. I was nearly a basket case from the car fever I received. Kyle and I both were getting edgy, tired, and achy from the near seven hours we spent in the car on boring roads. San Antonio never looked so good. We spent about three and a half days on the Riverwalk in a beautiful hotel my husband picked out used to surprise me. We ate breakfast on the river and enjoyed a plentiful and delicious buffet each morning. I've never seen a breakfast buffet with granola, dried fruit, greek yogurt, and other healthy options, but I savored each morning. I'm including a few pictures of our trip...pardon the quality. They are from our phone since my camera was forgotten after we left the wedding and we felt no desire to carry a huge case with is all day.

The lobby of the Renaissance Worthington Hotel where we spent honeymoon night

So elegant!

This tired bride is happy to be here

The two gallons of roses my husband had ordered to be in our room

The view from our bedroom window

Daylight view

what happens when you spit your gum out the window and it secretly blows back in

The back of my dress

Kyle laughing at me.

The Hyatt hotel in San Antonio

Gorgeous...with valet!! I felt like a queen

Before dinner one night

Dinner on the Riverwalk

Isn't he HANDSOME???

My view

I love this view more

Being married is amazing

The restaurant

My Caesar salad

Kyle's shrimp scampi

looks so good!!

Can't beat this!

Thank you random tourist for making us look shiny......I think

He got his pants dirty

Kyle's ice cream and my gelato....which Kyle ate a lot of

Gotta love the bling

See the happy face going home????

We both wanted this rig

Read the sign.......I'll always be stylin'

The reason I love waking up in the mornings....

 The newlywed Mrs. Bartlett will be checking in soon....deep thoughts are on the brink :)

Being blessed,

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Becky Dietz said...

Everyone should get to honeymoon in style! So glad you did.