Thursday, May 26, 2011

Musing From Esther

It's evening, my husband is at a church meeting tonight, and I am settling in my first night as a married woman with a quiet moment.

It has been a productive few days at home. We have unpacked; worked on the house; returned and exchanged gifts; changed driver's licenses, social security cards, military ID information; and spent more money than we wanted on getting our lives joined. AKA: cell phones are expensive.

My husband has been so gracious. In our returning and exchanging I was able to get an ice cream/gelato/frozen yogurt maker and a dehydrator!!!! For those that know me, these were two things I wanted SO much but never thought I could get. He let me get them and encouraged me to find ingredients to make yogurt. My man is precious to me. I think he had ulterior motives for the dehydrator....aka he wants jerky ;).

Kyle and I have been reading through the book of Esther. He wasn't familiar with the story, and since it is one of my favorite books in the Bible I couldn't wait to share it with him. At night we curl up and I read it aloud. I love to read and I insert voice inflection like crazy. Let's just say I'm one step short of inserting different voices. As I read more about one of my favorite women I have to just stop and wonder if I would have been as courageous as she.

There are so many things to recognize about Esther:

1. She was submissive.
She was a Jew and I'm sure she was PROUD of her heritage and her people. But her cousin Mordecai had warned against her telling of her background and until the very end she obeyed. She lived as a different woman in a different culture hiding who she was to submit to the wisdom over her. When faced with a decision that could cost her her life, she submitted not only to her cousin, but to the Lord. I want to be submissive like that.

2. She was beautiful.
Let's face it--every mention of Esther's beauty is linked with her gaining favor with someone. If it wasn't the King, it was the king's eunuch. She was favored because of her spirit and who she was both inside and out. The Bible records that she had a pretty shape and was favorable to the eyes of her beholders. Her husband found favor with her.

3. She counted all things but loss......even her life.
I don't always count all things but loss. Rather than count but loss I count the cost. I don't always consider all things but loss except for knowing Him. I count the cost of following Him so many times. What would my life look like if I gave up everything and counted them all as being less important than just knowing Him? I want that outlook.

4. She was brave.
Esther looked death in the face. She looked her most dangerous enemy in the eye and followed her God. She didn't call him names....she didn't curse. She looked at her enemy and called him wicked. She found favor and pleaded her case wisely. "Shrewd and serpents and innocent as doves."
I wanna be like that.

I'm learning as I read His word what a true woman looks like. I'm learning what a brave woman looks like. And I'm learning that it can be done with beauty and a heart that loves the Lord.

I can't wait to keep learning.....God, make me a woman like that.


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Becky Dietz said...

I love this line: "And I'm learning that it can be done with beauty and a heart that loves the Lord." Amen.

Congrats on getting everything set up! Feels good, huh?