Friday, March 4, 2011

Who Is Your Standard?

Sometimes classes can be convicting. I mean, really, who knew???

I didn't. Most classes are causes of the sin of hatred in me...not conviction. But today Dr. Kelley was talking about our standard as the Christian community. He reminded us, "you won't change people if culture is your standard. Only if God is your standard will you change anything."


Sometimes I make culture my standard. Sometimes I make other girls my standard. Sometimes I make my talents in comparison to others my standard. Sometimes I make the people I love my standard. Their ideas become my own so I can "be like them." They become my standard. Therein lies the problem. I won't make a difference or be the me He created me to be unless HE is my standard. If I don't aspire to look like Him, to act like Him, to speak like Him...then I won't be any different than the culture around me.

So who is my standard? Who is YOUR standard?

I'm off to finish my "cappuccino" and work on homework. I say cappuccino because it's not the same without froth and whip. My sister Sarah C. is over sketching and enjoying a hot beverage with me while watching The Lakehouse. We've been all over Abilene taking care of wedding business. We're tired but determined to be productive while we have the chance. This next week promises to be quite busy and overwhelming. But for now, it's a quiet night in Abilene, Texas.

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