Thursday, March 3, 2011

Ode to My iPhone

Today is a sad day. Ok last night was a sad night rather. I was on the phone with Kyle and as I went to put a knife in the sink my phone slipped from between my shoulder and my ear.....and I watched it glow under the bubbles. My heart sank about as fast as that poor phone did. Needless to say, the phone dropped my call. "Can you hear me now?"

Oh wait. That's Verizon.

Kyle couldn't hear me...I think AT&T should stand good for that. Neither sleet, nor snow, nor rain, nor Palmolive bubbles should be able to stop my cell service and my phone!!

Kyle tried to call back several times and I held my poor phone as it buzzed with no display.

Rice. Rice had to be the cure!! I shoved that poor phone in what rice I had left in my cupboard and took the sim card out in hopes I could put it in an old phone. So while my phone rested on a bed of rice I took that itty-bitty-piece-of-magic-plastic-mother-board to my old phone.

Wow. Who knew the sim cards have shrunk that much?!!

They have. Old phone not going to work. *Sigh*

In my heart I was wishing I had listened to Kyle and gotten Apple Care on it back when we bought it. that $100 I couldn't afford then doubles when you drop your phone in a sink of warm water. *insert frustrated groan here. He is usually right. dangit. *

So I went to bed. I got up this morning with no ability to contact anyone outside of my world. I went to class and did life with no contact to anyone and no availability to facebook or twitter or email or bank book or the absolutely, must have, above all, deer hunting app to which I had become addicted. In was silent. And guess the silence, God spoke.

He reminded me that I didn't need to go through life connected to absolutely everything. I don't NEED to check my facebook every second. I don't NEED to see my emails as they come in. I don't NEED to hunt deer on my phone. *I need to do that with a .243 in the real world* In short...I had become addicted to my phone. I had become used to everything I could do with it and had become dependent on what it did for me.

Recipes? Yep they were there.
Bank book? One touch away.
Calorie counter? Dang I had it memorized.

But all that had consumed me. It was so nice to take a book with me to the "think tank" (potty) for a long sit rather than my phone. I hope this pays off in the long run.

What I miss:
restaurants App.
Bible app
quick access
all my pictures I lost
all those contacts I had to reenter.
My ipod. (ouch that hurts so bad)

But I'm going to make my old slider work. Kyle and I already knew that we were going to have to cut our phone bill after we got married, so this is just making me accustomed to the switch a lot faster.

I'm going to still miss my ipod. The old iphone I have used doesn't have the memory and is slow slow slow. BUT, I'll troop on and make it work.

Dear iPhone were awesome. I used you every day all day. I honestly feel naked without you. But guess what...I don't need you to survive. I don't need you to do my business and visit with my family and friends. So there. I just hate that you died after only living 2.5 months in my possession. We could have been such great friends.


Now if you'll pardon me I am going to go try to run off the feelings of deep remorse.

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Becky Dietz said...

My own strong conviction of late: Don't be addicted to technology. Be addicted to God.