Monday, March 7, 2011

Ice Cream

I caved. Today I had cookie dough ice cream and something gross from the school cafeteria. I split a scoope with my sister SarahC and picked out the chicken in the mystery dish before declaring I couldn't eat another bite of....whatever that red gritty stuff was.

Why did I eat that ice cream? Because I needed a highlight to this day. Let's see if I can detail this Monday....

Get up. 45 minutes past my first alarm. I am using another alarm because if you recall my iPhone still won't turn on. Ergo, my alarm was gone. So new alarm and I are just starting to be come enemies friends.

I know this new haircut requires I wash and straighten my hair. SO I shower. and spruce up. Hey! Not bad. I think I really love this new do and I don't look so......wait? IS THAT THE TIME???

Wow. Now I'm really running late. I scramble for bag and cram computer into bag. Need cord. Nearly out of battery. Wait. Where are my textbooks??? They aren't under any of the thrown pajama piles. Not under the pillows. Crud. Scattered brain and scattered books. Awesome start to this week.

Grab what books I can find. REALLY REALLY have only a few minutes to speed to school. Run out the door and shove myself and my bags into my car. Call brother to deal with wedding shower weekend plans to come soon. Get to school.

Run to my computer class. Sit down. Big sign on board: BRING YOUR COMPLETED BUDGET TO CLASS.

double crud.

It's on my laptop. Somewhat-not-really finished. I jerk out that laptop and threw some numbers so the teacher can walk by and not gripe at me. No computer cord. Running out of battery for next note taking class.

Get out with a 10 minutes break before next class. Call Mom. Overwhelmed with more wedding stuff added today. About the time I finish one to-do list another is added....getting married is a full time job. Just an FYI.

Go to next class. Professor strictly warns us about exam on Wednesday. We go to lecture of a woman working in youth bible study. I'm so interested! They invite me to the luncheon. I am so excited! Hightlight of the day? Maybe so....

Read for quiz. Read slowly and methodically because this has been a struggle area for me and my grades.

Go to next class. Fail quiz. Am told I made a 70 on the last test. D's for degrees right? *not to fear, Mom. I'm not making a "D".* Not the best day for this class.

Leave this class and go to the spontaneous luncheon...walk in with athletic pants, workout shirt and backpack in tow. Room full of tablecloth-ed tables.....goblets of water and tea, ties, nice outfits, and formal speaker. I turn around and leave.

Call sister. Need hug. NOW. We go to the caf for totally unhealthy mystery food.

Now I'm in the library reading for photography and praying over my day, my week with three tests, 3 quizzes, and midterm tournaments....the best part of this day?

1. I have a loving and merciful Savior who forgives my many faults and shortcomings.
2. I have a sister to resuce me from the cruddiness (is that even a word) of a day.
3. I have chances to make up this struggle I'm having in a class.
4. My laptop battery lasted.
5. I get to now look at pretty pictures in books.
6. I get to work on marriage counseling homework tonight.
7. I got a new quote that applies so directly to my life:
                      "The best writing is done when we cut a vein and bleed all over the page"
7. A shared scoop of cookie dough ice cream.

We keep trucking on! 68 days and I'll be Mrs. Kyle Bartlett.
I bought his ring yesterday so I guess it can be happening now.....

One moment at a time,

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Elizabeth said...

I think you and my daughter, Anna, need to get together! She is at the same point you are! Wedding, working, and college are causing her to implode almost! Not really but it is stressful! Spring Break is almost here! Hang in there...hang in there....hang in there!

P.S. I absolutely love your quote about writing. It made me think of my Spanish III students who are studying Pablo Neruda (won the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1971).