Friday, March 18, 2011

Gotta Love the Personality Differences

Pre-marital counseling is completed. This hasn't been a "quick make it go away" thing for Kyle and I. We have truly loved it. In our counseling we have discovered more about ourselves as individuals and ourselves as a couple. Something I discovered about Kyle is that he is analytical. He LOVES to analyze everything. The thing is, sometimes he doesn't realize he's doing it! He just notices things in a surrounding or in a person and he mentally corrects it. Enter me. I'm not analytical typically. Only when I'm proofreading a paper am I even CLOSE to analytical. I don't walk into a room and see all the flaws or differences. Kyle does. I love that about him. I love that he can look at a situation and pick out the things that need to change. It's one of his personality traits as a "perfect melancholy" that I cherish.

Except maybe the wedding programs and the example of my blog.

Enter scenario:

My mom and Kyle believe they share the same personality. This became evident last night as Kyle was correcting my work on our wedding programs. As he edited he commented on my mistakes. And mom chimed in, "Yeah! Like when I read your blog I see all these mistakes but I didn't want to say anything!"

Kyle: "are you one of those people too who can't read something if there's errors in it???"

Mom: "YEAH! And Kyle, you're not even an English major!" [note the point out of my major]

Kyle: "I'm not even a college student."

really. this happened.

I sat there with mouth in a sarcastic smile thinking, "Man, I wish they'd just finish this already."

So if you are reading this and there are's because your English major writer is busy doing other things. And not being analytical.  

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Kyle and me.