Friday, December 3, 2010

It's A Silent Night

I had a great evening with a sweet girl friend from the youth group at church. L. is a precious high schooler who agreed to have dinner and a movie night with me...our shenanigans turned into whataburger, two dance movies, and a funny photo fest on my computer. Ok, so we tried gymnastic tricks too and L had to come get me out of a pose I somehow made my body perform. Basically, I put my hands on the wall and walked myself into a backwards bend....that I could not undo. I'm sure it wasn't pretty.

When L used her facebook to show me videos of cheerleaders and their gymnastics from one of the local high schools I felt so unathletic, but also so motivated to go stretch and run on the treadmill.

After I dropped L off I went back to Abilene and saw one of my favorite things--Christmas lights. For those who don't know me very well, I'm a giant kid at Christmas. I love this season more than any other. I love Christmas lights, carols, laughter, snow, ornaments, trees, presents, baking, and the smells that accompany winter. Oh just talking about it gives me excited giggles.

Anyway, sorry for that rabbit chase.....

After I dropped my friend off I saw the lights and took a drive by myself through music in the car, just prayer and silent watching the lights. I saw them, I prayed, and I loved every quiet moment alone to just bask in the glow of Christmas. I can't wait until next Christmas when I drive through them with my husband. As if you didn't know--I miss him a lot.

To the people who made this night special, thank you. I enjoyed the silent night in my car....
So thankful for iPhones on nights like these.

Enjoy your loved ones while they are near's a blessing and privilege to have them close.

Because He lives,

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