Thursday, December 2, 2010

Faith for Today

He's just a few weeks from coming home.....God has taught us both so much during this time. One really tough reminder was last night.

I did a lesson last night at church about the disciples fear during the storm on the Sea of Galilee. They woke Jesus, critiquing His sleep and questioning His love and faithfulness.

Jesus asks them, "Why are you afraid? Do you still have no faith?"

That word "faith" can mean "Fidelity. Faithfulness. the character of one who can be relied on." Let's break down that meaning.

1. Fidelity. This reminds me instantly of marriage. Marriage is hard--I know that going in to it. It's not the fix-it for what ails us, it magnifies our faults quickly. But fidelity is vital in a marriage. It is a sign of trust, of commitment, and of steadfast ability to be relied upon by the spouse. Jesus was asking the disciples where their fidelity to His Word was.
2. The character of one to be relied on.....this one really struck me. The disciples had just been taught such depth and Jesus had just explained to them all of His parables and their meanings. In the comfort of their homeland they understood and received the truth by faith. But in the trial of the storm their character and fidelity was tested....and they failed.

My life is about deployment right now. I am betrothed to Kyle--according to the Biblical idea of engagement and betrothal, he is like my husband now, the only thing to divide us would be death.....I practice fidelity, unquestionable faithfulness, and commitment to him alone. Right now this time apart is hard...he's my best friend and I miss him like crazy. But it dawned on me last night, this is my test of character. This is my storm. This where I have to show myself a woman to be trusted by both my fiance, and the Lover Of My Soul.

So far, I feel as if I have failed. There have been things that I haven't handled like I know I should have while he's been gone. Some things I know I have been able to succeed in thus far, while others have fallen through and left me frustrated. But thank God for second chances and second halves of deployments to correct them and prove that, not just am I trustworthy, but also that HE.IS.FAITHFUL.

I am taking it one day at a time.
One moment at a time.
With just enough faith for today.

Because He lives,

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