Saturday, December 4, 2010

On Sisters

Short post for this evening as I am desperately needing to work on research papers for finals. But I wanted to share how good my God is.

Tonight has been wonderful....absolutely wonderful. Kyle's sister Kaci came through tonight on her way back home to Lubbock and is spending the night on her air mattress in my room. We were supposed to be doing homework for finals....and for the first 3 hours we talked like usual. Eh, homework will get done.

I promise I'm going to pass, Mom!

Kaci is one of the most encouraging people in my walk with the Lord. We connect on so many levels and talk about so many things. I realized again tonight how grateful I am to love both of my families...mine and the one I am gaining through marriage. Kaci is one of my closest friends and a sister to me. I was reminded again tonight that I have three sisters. Granted, only one is actually by blood. But I can't call Anna my sister, SarahC. my best friend, and Kaci my just doesn't work. They are all close to me. If you ask me who any of them are, I will say they are my sisters. I cherish them, I love visits with them, and I can't wait to enjoy the rest of life with them by my side.

Ok. Back to papers.

Surviving by grace,

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