Monday, October 19, 2009

Farewells to Memories of Past Days

I feel like I lost a friend this past weekend. I had to drive off the lot of a dealership and leave my precious "Bella" behind. Now, for those who can recall your first car, perhaps you would be the one who would DANCE to trade your first car for something a little nicer. But maybe there are those few others who, like me, felt a pang of sadness and a bit of tears at the back of my eyes.

Few could understand what miss Bella and I went through together. Apparently since she had a NAME, I cared deeply for her. She was my first car--the one I drove to Frank Philips College for dual credit classes--the one I drove when I had my first ice wreck--the one that carried me to Hardin-Simmons........she held so many memories. As strange as it sounds, she was an altar at times where I laid down fears, passions, dreams, and friendships before God. She held many tears in her seats....her windshield had been the "face" I screamed to when I knew no one could hear me. Her steering wheel I'm sure had fingernail marks where I gripped so tightly as God beckoned me to let go of things in my life. She was the concert where I played music so loud I'm sure my ears will never forgive me...she was God's blessing to me. As I drove off in my "new" car, I felt almost like I was cheating on a best friend.

Welcome a new Briar Rose--an '07 Nissan Murano. I don't know what God has in store for a new road with a new car, but I do know that I am praying for divine locations, divine appointments, and divine conversations while driving this new gift. I pray the passengers might sit inside and find the peace of Jesus.....while I'm praying for ultimate safety behind her wheel.

The most amazing thing about my cars is this....when I first got Miss Bella, there was a Christian fish on her trunk. I LOVED it! I was somewhat saddened to leave that behind. But when I got home, there was an even bigger Christian fish blazing boldly from the trunk of Briar Rose. I could not have been any happier. I almost was more excited about the trunk than the rest of the car! Isn't God amazing to give us the little things that seem so perfect?

I hope you can rejoice with me in the new blessing.....God brings gifts I'm so underserving of....makes me humbled.

The Dash! Pretty little thing isn't she?

My favorite part!!! =D
Because He lives,


Tricia said...

Holy Cow Sarah, that's a nice car!!! :o) So happy for you! What's the reason for the new car?

God's Gal Sarah said...

my old car was becoming unreliable and none of us were fans of being stranded on the side of the road......God provided this one in His timing =)