Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day Labors

Good morning, all!
I got up this morning at 5:15...REARIN' and READY to get to the gym and do some major body pump with the weight class. I trudged out to my car with my hair all slicked back in a pathetic pony tail.......I got in my car........and drove the minute and a half to the gym down the road. I pulled into the usually semi-crowded parking lot and sighed. Oh's Labor Day. I was the ONLY one in the parking lot (and basically on the highway for that matter). Odd feeling being the only one awake at the gym on a Monday morning...

My sweet parents always taught me that on Labor Day, you........drum roll please..........LABOR! I know~what a bizarre concept! I mean, really, who takes a Monday off to rest? Definately not my bosses or professors! *writes to the president of Hardin-Simmons of all concerns and complaints*....

So after coming back into the dorms, I made myself some instant oatmeal, and had some sweet Jesus time. I want to go back to bed SO bad. But I think I'll take advantage of this time and do some homework while my roommate sleeps quietly right in front of my eyes. Being a grownup isn't always as fun as we think it will be when we are little and watching our parents make it look easy....

So if you have today off.........*deep breath*............CONGRATS! Enjoy it~and think fondly of me as I run around doing all my "to do" lists. And if, like me, you have to work or study this day (which was really intended for LABOR ;}) then make every move and every word and every encounter a moment to glorify your Jesus.

All my love,

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