Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Never Boring

Greetings!! It has been weeks since I sat down and blogged. I don't feel like I do a lot of my favorite things right now. I haven't spent much time on my makeup in weeks. I haven't sat down to blog since forever ago....forget shopping. I have become depressed upon walking through cute "normal" people clothes. At 32 weeks of pregnancy, everything must stretch. stretch. stretch. stretch. over my lucious curves. We only have 8 more weeks to survive and prepare for our little one to arrive!

Some days I just feel blessed to cook food and fall asleep during a conversation with my husband. I'm hormonal, and we have a very busy, inquisitive 11 month old. Don't believe me? Let me catch you up with a few pictures from the past few weeks.....

busy throwing things from his crib

being ornery while I organized the closet

discovering the tupperware cabinet

trying to get into the bathroom while Daddy was "busy"

playing with Dad's guitar. 

Proving to me how dumb the idea was to give him frozen fruit. Obviously, it thawed. 
that is more fruit on his ankle.....not blood like it appears. 

practicing our resting in the big boy bed in preparation for little brother's need of the crib

Mom was busy for a few minutes so he......explored. This was after the hands were in the potty. 

Yes, that's Mr. Potato Head's ear. 

 Today has driven me to laughter and near tears. It's hard to be 11 months old and feeling the pain of 3-4 teeth trying to come in at once, apparently. G slept very late due to fussiness late last night and the inability to adjust easily to the time change. He woke up about 10:00, threw a few fits, received reprimands to his diapered bottom, and went back to bed for "time out." He was up again by 12:30 and ate lunch.....which was a very very messy ordeal. His fruit was followed by peas and chicken--the peas had to be disguised with the chicken because little green orbs were being spit out in his chair. Fruit juice was all over his body and stained into his chubby creases. Bath time was immediately necessary.

Post bath was spent with a few minutes of forced rest time on his big bed with Curious George as I rubbed his back and reassured him that this strange change was going to be "ok." After resting he explored the bedroom while I tried to finish cleaning out the closet. I heard splashing and caught him wet-handed. Lovely. I soaped his hands, dried him off, and put him back in our bedroom to play. From the closet I heard him jabbering and sought him out. The bathroom floor was covered in toilet paper and he was chewing on the toilet brush handle with his little hands all over the disgusting bristles.

Heaven help me.

He is down for a nap.

And I'm having a Dr. Pepper.

I think I've earned the caffeine. Don't judge.

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Becky Dietz said... He is adorable! And I certainly remember those days. Hang on to your hat!!