Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Ten Months of Lying to Myself

Ten Months, ya'll. Ten months of lying to myself and believing our son doesn't pee in the bathtub. I don't know what put that thought into my head. Maybe because I hadn't actually seen him do it? Maybe because  I expected there to be hard proof? 

I thought my kid was awesome. 

Yeah, awesome-er than all those kids who peed in the water. 

This morning I turned on the faucet and watched our little one squeal, pull himself to a standing position beside the tub, knock his soap into the pooling water, and try to lift his naked leg in an attempt to crawl over the much-too-high wall. 

I lifted him in, settled his bottom in the warm liquid, and then watched has be began to laugh and splash, reaching for the bath rag we use to wash his body. Bliss. He's so precious.

Then, he grew still. 

Curious, I investigated. Yep, I saw it happen. 

I saw him peeing just under the shallow water. As he added liquid to the water in the tub, I felt my heart drop. Oh, he DOES do it. 

I noted that, of course, in stellar boy aim, he hit a perfect bullseye on the bath rag floating near his chubby legs. 

Horror was my reaction when he finished his "business," reached, picked up the rag, and happily shoved it in his mouth. 

I should have congratulated his aim. Instead I sat, dumbfounded, thinking, "NOW what do I do?"

I didn't drain the water. Instead, after a few minutes of staring at my happy child, I pulled the rag from his mouth, looked at it, squeezed the water from it, and started washing his hair. Apparently he's been peeing in his bathwater for a long time....fresh water wasn't going to fix the problem now

He's clean. The day has started well with happy moods. But there were floaties in the tub when we finished. I suppose he's been making those too. 

I can't believe I was duped by big, innocent baby eyes! Ten months of believing my kid was "above" peeing in the water. Sorry I held you to that standard, Son. Guess I better clean the bathtub more often. 


Kaleena M. said...

Haha. This post made me giggle. Its is a daily occurance at our house. I just try not to think about it when Chloe is drinking the bathwater Ike it is going out of style.

The Hudsons said...

Ha ha :) I too giggled! I had the same thoughts about our son and didn't catch him in the act until he started standing on his own in the tub. Glad to see I'm not the only one who decided the water would be fine to continue on with his clean up.

Becky Dietz said...

Building immunities, Mommas!