Saturday, September 8, 2012

Magic of Ordinary Days

My heart has been so full and my fingers have itched to caress the keyboard. But each time I have sat to write, nothing has come. Oh, I have had so much to “tell,” but it was all so personal I held it inside and chose to keep my blog from the tender personal worries. 

It has been a week of busyness with a sprinkling of stress to say the least. Today, however, was filled with intimate family time and the perfect example of how magical an ordinary day can be.  It was the completion of such a productive week and the Lord gifted my family with so many precious memories. 

Several days ago I began cleaning out our home. The “home purge” has encompassed every closet, room, knick knack, drawer, and shelf. How freeing it has been! I know there will be more cleaning out over the next few weeks, but today we finished the last of our purge list. I have felt as if a huge burden were lifted off my back. Things have found new homes (some in the garage waiting to go to Airman’s Attic), and others have traveled into the trash. I am learning to keep what is TRULY important, and clean what doesn't really matter out of my life. This leaves me time to do what I really love, and time to spend with the family I adore. 

To celebrate the cool weather today we watered the yard, went to Lowes for the tools to paint our “new to us” patio furniture, took a nap, giggled, played, cooked out, and reveled in the day as a family. I’m so thankful our summer traveling is done and we had a weekend to enjoy just the three of us. 

I will put a few pictures up of my favorite places in our "purged" house this next week. But, for now, I am going to enjoy the last few minutes of a Saturday evening with my handsome husband. 

There is magic in ordinary days. 

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