Monday, September 10, 2012


Dear MOPS,

The first meeting was awesome! Well, the part before I had to leave early was awesome.

Thanks for understanding the big wet spot in my crotch where Gracin spit up. He has amazing aim.

Thanks for understanding the fussy baby in the back of the room. It was nap time and little Mister likes to be alone and on his tummy for napping. Cuddling isn't his favorite thing to do so this morning "threw off his groove."

Thanks for not judging the way Mama forgot  to throw a clean diaper in the diaper bag this morning as we ran out the front door, and THANK YOU to whomever loaned me a disposable extra at meeting after my baby blew his diaper, outfit, socks, and Mama's shirt with poop. I won't feed him "prune oatmeal" baby food the night before our next meeting.

Thanks for the opportunity to be involved and have a place to feel "judgment free" as we all parent together.

I can't wait until next time! I will bring extra diapers....and work nap time a little more carefully. I haven't been this excited about being involved with a group in a long time.


Emhestorff said...

You know this thrills me! So glad you are a part of a great org that I've been volunteering for nearly 10 years for! So glad you are having a positive experience! I have no doubt that you'll be leading a group one of these days!
Hugs- Emily

Kristi Brokaw said...

Great post! I love MOPS and have forgotten diapers and wipes many times. There's always a mama willing to share. :)