Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Things Pinterest Teaches Me

AHHH, Pinterest. How I love your ideas, your inspirations, your colors, your information, your tips, your recipes, and the way you make me feel like there is hope for people who are not "crafty" like me. Thanks to blogs and Pinterest I feel empowered.  

In the past few weeks I have read a lot of blogs on organization and enjoying the small things in life. Basically, I have realized that there is so much clutter and disorganization in my life that I feel like there isn't time for things I love. My housework and trying to manage the "extra" that there isn't time in my mind to sit down and play with Gracin like I want. I don't see time to read the books I want, experiment with the cake decorating like I want, or dabble more in my photography. 

Having a lot of crap extra things in the house feels cool on the surface because sometimes a person can fall trap of believing that more in their life is better. These people (ok me) convince themselves that having a lot is ok. I didn't buy most of the extra...but as we have been given or found free things, we have accepted that "free is for me" instead of saying, "No, my house doesn't need that extra knick knack....and neither does my dusting time." 

My life doesn't have room for more. More means just that...more dusting, vacuuming, wiping, washing, arranging, shoving, praying it fits in the lack of closet space, and hoping that somehow it looks ok. 

I don't like it. 

I want clean, neat baskets with minimal things in them. I want fewer books that I never ever read, less paperwork, less stress, and more life. More time to kiss my son's cheeks, more time to bake fun food, more time to go walking, more time to do what I love and less time dusting, re-organizing, re-shoving, and dying under the stress of the "American way of more junk." 

Enter my cleanout week. 

I began with the books. I cleaned out an extra 60 books I never read...in addition to the 100 I cleaned out when we first moved in. My bookshelves went from side-to-side extra to just those books we enjoy and read often. I tackled then the paperwork. Yes, we still had paperwork from before we got married. We are talking paperwork from when Kyle was an A1C and lived in the dorms. I still had stuff from my college work. 

I did a LOT of cleaning out, shredding, and filing. We are now down to only the necessities and all our bills are now "paperless." The next step is to computerize our budget so we can more wisely spend and save money. 

Cleaning out continues. Here's to making my house a home....a home less full of stuff and more full of laughter and simplified love. 

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