Monday, June 18, 2012

The Past Days In Pictures

Streptococcal pharyngitis: strep throat.

we had it. we suffered. and now we are recovering.

In the past several days we:

visited doctors.
went to the ER.
got shots.
went to CVS a couple times.
were diagnosed with two different things by two different doctors.
did a lot of laundry. 
watched our baby get his immunizations which made mama cry too.
watered the yard.

took naps on quilts in the middle of the living room floor....

watched a thunderstorm roll through our little neighborhood....

and used candles because our electricity went out, taking our AC with it. This is bad when your husband has a 101 temperature. We used a lot of wet rags.

We made a pound cake for the neighbors.....

minus this piece........

did a lot of drooling....

and made a lot of faces.....

We slurped down lots of soup...

and celebrated our favorite Daddy!

We are thankful to be feeling a little better and continuing to settle in the new home! Hopefully the evil
strep has left us and recovery can continue :)

1 comment:

bp said...

I am sorry you all have been sick. Strep is no fun! Hope you are all better soon. God bless your day!