Sunday, January 15, 2012

Just Because

Warning: I'm about to brag on my husband. Because he deserves it.....and just because I wanted to.

I love being married to Kyle. I am reminded daily of how much I love the privilege of calling myself his wife.

Yesterday was extremely busy for us. We met my mom, sister, grandparents, and a couple of my grandparents' old friends to celebrate Mamaw's 70th birthday over lunch. It was a special time to hear their happy chatter and see my sister for a few minutes of visiting. After lunch, Kyle and I made baby registries....and since Kyle helped me, there are Cars sippy cups on the registry......and specific pacifiers that don't look REMOTELY girly.....and I have to go add a Bumbo online because he refused to scan a purple one in the store. My little man will be is so loved by his daddy. We ended up spending the entire afternoon and evening preparing things, bit-by-bit, for our son.

I know. We still have 11 weeks before Gracin gets here. But, I mean, the things we did yesterday were not expected changes, but some that were necessary and quite large. I'll be sharing in the future.....when the time is right :)

We LOVED our time together. We visited, we debated, we shared our thoughts on controversial material, we discussed baby things, we focused on our marriage, and we enjoyed being busy until we crashed into bed late last night.

Today has just been a continuation of that. Convicting words from the pulpit spurred lunchtime conversations, cross-town driving topics, self-examination, and honest, brutal questions pointed at our individual spiritual conditions. It was a time where we asked the other spouse, "What is your long-term dream for our family? What does that mean? What is missing now to get us to that place?" Other questions arose like, "What is something that is missing in your spiritual walk? How can I encourage you in that?"

We cuddled and talked openly about our spiritual walks, our dreams for the spiritual and physical goals for our family, the things that needed to be addressed in our parenting ideals, and so many deep ideas that only served to convict, encourage, and push the other forward.

Isn't that what marriage is supposed to do??

Inevitably these heart-to-heart conversations make me realize so many areas of my role as a wife that have been lacking--like the amount of time I spend in prayer for my husband, how I don't always bring my spiritual walk under his leadership, or other sin problems in my walk that affect him or my submission to him. Gotta love deep conversations that end in both parties apologizing for sin problems or lack of prayer, rather than apologies for heated disagreements.

I love being married to my husband. He is a tender man with a teachable heart who wants spiritual wisdom in how to lead our family.

I'm the most blessed woman in the world.

Just thought you should know.


kay said...

I love your blog, Im a Jesus follower and I plan on reading your blog on a regular basis. it is very well written and Im sure I can learn alot from you. Thank you

God's Gal Sarah said...

Welcome, Kay!! I hope you enjoy bumping along life roads with us! :)