Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Dear Gracin

Little man, you are certainly growing! I know this because your MAMA is growing! We are at 27 weeks--it's hard to believe that you could be coming within 12 short weeks. It sounds short when you say it in weeks, but when I think of nearly 90 days more, I am both excited and anxious. I can't wait to hold you in my arms, nuzzle your neck, kiss your sweet face, marvel at your little feet, and take millions of pictures I'm sure the world will tire of seeing.

Your sweet daddy has become much more interested in your growth, development, movement, and arrival of late. Everytime I mention your kicking or rolling he reaches to touch the bump that is my stomach and hopes to feel you. We look at pictures of your development regularly and he has often teared up at the thought of having you here with us. He is ready to be a daddy--though I hear his prayers at night and know he worries he won't be the perfect father. We are both preparing and learning.

At this stage, you have all of your pertinent organs, so if you suddenly decided to arrive early your chances of survival would be great. But while I'm bursting with excitement, take your time in coming. I want you healthy.....

You are:
2.2 pounds

15 inches long (though you are a little longer because apparently you are going to be super tall like your grandfathers)

Equipped with all of your major organs

ACTIVE. Gracious. I love feeling your movements!....until you are on my bladder and kicking.

Loved. Little one, I can't begin to tell you how loved you are. Your mama and daddy cannot WAIT to have you here!

Weight gain: 16 pounds. We maintained weight this month--even over the holidays! Praise the Lord :) It's hard to see the extra weight sometimes, but I don't think I have overdone the gain, my doctor is thrilled, and I praise the Father for the growing love inside of me.


Body struggles: indigestion, constant need to pee, usually hungry, nausea, sleepiness--and occassional inability to sleep.

I am starting your little room, sweet boy. You were going to come home to a room filled with airplanes and the like--but God blessed us with hand-me-down bedding and so now I can't wait for you to sleep while surrounded by colorful animals and happy alphabet symbols. Daddy and I are cleaning out closets, our personal belongings, and making room for all your needs! You are much loved, sweet boy.

Grow quickly, your mama adores you....

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