Tuesday, December 6, 2011


I feel like I've been slightly MIA as far as regular posts on the blog recently. Life has been happening in my little world and I have been trying to keep up!

We are 22 weeks into pregnancy....and I am growing more and more. Little Gracin has been oh so active and with a heart rate of 160 bpm, I understand why!! He is constantly moving, kicking, and keeping me awake because he is so active. He likes music just like his mama and daddy, which I cannot wait to see in person. I have had a few good days without the morning yuckies, though today was definitely not one of them.

My life lately? It is best described in captured photos as I have run from place to place.....

Roasting turkey to freeze for the coming year

Precious Christmas gift from my boss--which I quickly christened with coffee
First snow and ice of the winter!!!

Freezing leftovers from family...

White elephant gifts for Christmas parties *oh.so.creative....not*

Dreaming of a little boy's nursery with an airplane theme :)

Waiting room reading and lifetime conviction

My sweet husband recovering from sinus and septum surgery

Little by little and pound by pound we are getting closer to meeting our son!

My God is so faithful, and I am learning so much about trusting in Him!

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