Wednesday, December 7, 2011


I love canned soup on a cold day. Actually, I love soup made from scratch more....but when I'm ravenous upon arriving home from work and my husband is sick on the couch, a quick can of soup to heat and serve is such a treat.

When I took the time many months ago to flip over the can of "cream of tomato" soup, I was mortified at the ingredients. Many soups off the shelves have ingredients I can either not pronounce or are laden with Corn Syrup. In an attempt to make our lives more healthy I decided to spend more on our canned soup and get something without all the icky ingredients.

This soup is AMAZING. It is a little more pricey than the creamed soups, but the taste is unbelievable and the ingredients are natural and healthy. These are the different kinds I purchased, but there are many more to choose from.

The Tomato Bisque was amazing. Kyle LOVED it. I admit, the cans aren't huge, but they are filling for a "papa bear" sized bowl and a "mama sized" bowl if you pair it with some tasty sandwiches.

The Chunky Vegetable was the kind I heated and spoonfed to my recovering husband today and it is my favorite of the two so far. The vegetables were delicious and the broth was so warm and the right blend of sweet and savory. My husband ate his entire bowl with crackers and sliced turkey on the side. He was happy and able to take his pain meds easily.

I am SO happy with this brand of soup and look forward to trying other types as time progresses. :)

Give this organic soup a try! I promise, you will feel a little sad when you hit the bottom of the can ;)

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