Saturday, December 17, 2011

Dear Gracin

Little man, you are quite the mover! I was awakened early this morning (with no alarms set) by the repetition of your kicks. After going to the bathroom, a constant need in my life right now, I laid by your daddy and felt you communicating in the only way you know how right now. 

You kick up kick down low.....when I was laying in an odd position I felt you kick on my side. Son, I praise God for your activity! I can't wait to see if you are as active when you get here as you are right now. I am learning that I will sleep when you sleep--because I can't sleep through your karate moves on my stomach or up high on my ribs even now. 

There are people I can't wait for you to meet! The one person I want you to meet the most is, of course, your sweet daddy. Gracin, you couldn't be more blessed in a father. Daddy is the sweetest, most wonderful person I know. He loves you so much, and every time you kick he reaches over to try to feel it. I pray for him to feel you move as I do. 

Your daddy has big dreams for you. I see him look at little boys playing with their daddies and I know he gets excited when he thinks about teaching you to swing a bat, throw a ball, shoot a BB gun, play with Shelby, and be a messy, muddy little boy. 

Your daddy can't wait to teach you to be obedient, respect your mama, read your Bible, and pray. Sweet daddy is anxious about trying to teach you to love Jesus, because he wants to do it just right. He wants to be the perfect dad to you in the way you learn to love our Lord. I see him worry about if he is the right leader or example--and that's how I know he is going to do fine. He's not satisfied with mediocre, lazy living. Your daddy loves I know you will learn to love our Savior as your daddy leads our family. We are praying for you even now. 

Daddy has a tender heart, and though I know he will be strict with you, he will always listen to you. I know, because he always listens to me. 

Gracin, your daddy will be your hero. I know that because my daddy was my hero, and your daddy had a daddy who was his hero. Your daddy isn't perfect, and he doesn't want you to believe that he is. But, son, your daddy is the best example to look up to. 

When you hear his voice, see his face, feel his gentle hands, and sense his kiss for the first time, I wish you could know just how blessed you are to have a father that loves you as much as your daddy does. 

Grow quickly, little man. Your mama and daddy adore you. 


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