Saturday, November 26, 2011

We Thank Thee Oh, Lord.

I loved Thanksgiving Day so much. My favorite part of the day? Walking with my husband in the chilly afternoon. Wanna see some of our pics from the week?

I love my best friend

Sister-in-law made "Brookies"!

Caleb letting Shelby chew his shoe

My father-in-law going chipmunk cheeks in his helmet

Cutie-pie kiddos

All the "kids"--with my husband's mouth open and me looking particularly preggie

Sis-in-law getting hugs from Caleb

One of my favorite guys refusing to smile

Celebrating 50 years of marriage the day after Thanksgiving. Love them to death

My in-laws--aren't they cute??

I look forward to getting home tomorrow and trying to get back into a routine before work starts on Monday. 

Can you believe we are 21 weeks into pregnancy?? Praising God for so many things.....

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